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Why should companies with multiple offices across the globe choose Business Central?

Businesses in today’s day and age have global aspirations. The systems and processes within a company go a long way in determining the success or failure of a business spread across different geographies. You will need solutions that are easy to manage and user-friendly. In such cases, a business-wide solution like Business Central can help businesses. Let us look at…

Quickbooks online Exits India. Should you switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Intuit recently announced that its QuickBooks Online product will not be available in India after April 30, 2023. They have already stopped accepting new subscriptions. This announcement will affect QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Accountant, the QuickBooks mobile app, and QuickBooks Time services and subscriptions. If you are using QuickBooks and looking to move to another platform, we suggest you consider…

Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central – Report Layouts

There are various report layouts within Business central related to invoicing, purchase orders, receivables, payables, cheques, sales orders, reminders etc. Reports help us to present required data while on the other hand it helps analyze an organization’s performance. In Business Central we can specify which report layout to use for a specific document. It also provides flexibility to each organization…

Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central – Analyze Data by Dimensions – Analysis Views

Since we are setting up analysis by dimensions in the system let us first start by understanding Dimensions in brief. Dimensions are tags that can be assigned on transactions and documents which get stored with posted transactions. Dimensions and Dimension Values are user-defined based on a specific organization’s reporting requirements. Business Central allows users to create a custom report based…

Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central – How to setup Reminders (Dunning)

About Reminders When customers delay making payments in a timely manner, businesses need to remind their customers of the outstanding invoices.  Business Central comes with out-of-the-box reminder functionality and we can set up multiple Reminder Terms and their associated levels. Each of these terms can contain parameters on when reminders will be issued – based on no of overdue days…

6 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for the Manufacturing Industry

Besides the manufacturing module, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central's core features include supply chain management, project management, financial management, HR management, sales, marketing, and more. With all these features available, here are the top 6 benefits of Business Central for SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) in the manufacturing industry. 1. Effectively deal with the inventory It's easy to manage inventory…

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